Barbara Corcoran
Barbara CorcoranBest Selling Author, Real Estate Mogul and Star on ABC’s The Shark Tank
“A major key to my success was without question, team building. Logan Stout’s wisdom in Stout Advice is spot on for anyone wanting to accomplish major success in any arena!”
Daymond John
Daymond JohnStar on ABC’s The Shark Tank
“I know first hand the importance of networking and surrounding yourself with the right people. This book illustrates the keys to doing so. It’s huge insight for everyone regardless of your profession!”
Troy Aikman
Troy AikmanProfessional Football Player
“Logan Stout’s Success speaks for itself. That’s why I chose to be business partners with him…he knows what he’s doing. His book, Stout Advice, is a must read for anyone wanting to be their best in all facets of life!”
Pudge Rodriguez
Pudge RodriguezProfessional Baseball Player
“Logan Stout is an inspiration to every entrepreneur or individual looking to push his/her game to the next level.”
Darren Hardy
Darren HardyCEO Mentor, Former Publisher/Editor SUCCESS Magazine and New York Times Bestselling Author
“Logan Stout is a MAN ON A MISSION! Bold enough to take a moonshot. Audacious enough to get there. If you want to take your life to new heights consider hitching your wagon to Logan Stout’s rocket ship.”
John C. Maxwell
John C. MaxwellBest Selling Author and Leadership Expert
“Logan Stout’s success speaks for itself. His leadership and thoughts are clear indicators this book will add value to your life. Read, absorb and implement these principles!”
Del Harris
Del HarrisVP Texas Legends NBADL
“Logan Stout has proven to be an amazing innovator and leader of companies that he has started from point zero to guide successful enterprises. He has not only led his own teams but has formed one of the leading youth organizations that has produced great baseball players and citizens in the Dallas Patriots youth baseball program. I am happy to call him friend. Welcome to his mentoring program and may you increase your influence for good in all you do.”
Bob Beaudine
Bob BeaudinePresident & CEO, Eastman & Beaudine; author, The Power of WHO!, 2 Chairs
“I’ve known Logan Stout to have great work ethic, character, and intellect. The leadership thoughts and words of wisdom he dispenses are invaluable and applicable to any stage of life or career.”
Chas Wilson
Chas WilsonMaster Networks Inc President & Co-Founder
“Working with Logan Stout has been incredible! Within weeks we saw an increase in momentum, improvement in our leaders ability to create vision, and increase in revenue. Logan Stout helped me create a systematic approach to growing my company, identified where I can best use my time and challenged me on improving my self to be the leader my company needs.”
Jennifer Moran
Jennifer MoranNetwork Marketing Professional
“Formerly I was a cardiovascular specialty rep in pharmaceutical sales. Even though I thought I made a lot of money and knew a lot about wealth and business, Logan challenged my “go to school and get a good job” mindset, took “the lid” off my life and expanded my vision of what was possible. Thanks to Logan Stout’s ongoing mentorship, I grew personally, relationally, spiritually and financially to the point where I am now proud to say that I’m the #1 Income Earner in a revolutionary, new and rapidly-growing health and wellness company. I am now, thanks to Logan, earning more money and changing more lives than I ever thought possible via network marketing.”
David Adams
David AdamsEntrepreneur
“I spent several years making the mistake that 97% of people make… the mistake of listening to the wrong people regarding business and success. My life changed, dramatically, when I found the advice from a person who had the results I was looking for. That person was Logan Stout.”
Marco Dragone
Marco DragoneEntrepreneur
“Although Logan Stout is an entertaining speaker, he’s not an entertainer; when he speaks, a life is going to change. Someone is going to quit a bad habit. Someone is going to improve a relationship. Someone is going to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Someone is going to elevate their family to financial freedom. Someone is going to act today, instead of someday. If you listen to Logan Stout that someone could be you.”
Michelle Norris
Michelle NorrisCEO & CO-Founder of Paleo f(x)™
“The Level 10 Leadership Logan Stout trains on has helped me to not only take my IDLife business to the next level but all areas of my life and my other businesses. My husband, Keith and I feel a huge calling on our lives to serve others in the health and wellness arena and this training is the “BIG TICKET” item that will forge the way for all servant leaders who truly want to be everything they can be to those that rely on them. Logan’s training is a MUST! You will kick yourself for missing out on this A-MAZING opportunity to learn “how to” at the highest level from the ultimate leader, Logan Stout.”
Dave McKinney
Dave McKinneyEntrepreneur
“Logan Stout has extraordinary business acumen and an instinctive understanding of the direct selling industry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just considering your first opportunity, an investment in the advice and training offered by Logan will yield huge dividends as you build your networking business.”
Mike Salim
Mike SalimGeneral Counsel and an LLC Partner of CenterOak Partners
“As a private equity investor, I am always looking for executives who have the talent and grit to win … the right way, of course. Winning is more than leading. Not all leaders win. But all winners lead. Logan Stout has been a winner at everything he’s done. From the ball-field, to the mission field, to the boardroom, Logan has mastered the principles of winning. Most importantly, he’s also mastered the art of coaching winners. If you want to unlock your winning potential, treat yourself to Coach Stout’s soon to be released book GRIT Factor.”
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan ScottEntrepreneur and Former NFL Football Player
“The essence which makes Stout Mentoring so empowering is that the program is the epitome of stewardship and growth. I found these values to be directly aligned with my own values. Carrying these values are the tools I use for my own personal mission…empowering others!”
Todd Cash
Todd CashFormer CEO and Top Income Earner in the Direct Selling industry
“Logan’s book, The GRIT Factor hits the mark for anyone wanting to reach their dreams and goals. Very rarely do you find a book that you can connect with, be motivated and educated by, and inspires you to higher levels of success! Having worked hand in hand with Logan Stout since 2003, I assure you this book is the real deal, because he’s the real deal.”
Deana Steeber
Deana SteeberAssistant Superintendent, Argyle ISD
“What a great way to kick off the school year with Logan Stout! He was both motivating and entertaining. He reminded us to move beyond managing our lives and instead focus on being purposeful in everything we do. This advice is so relevant in our profession of educating our most precious assets! Thank you, Logan, for placing so much value on our students and staff.”
Tom Ziglar
Tom ZiglarCEO of Zig Ziglar, Inc.
“I have had the opportunity to do several things with Logan over the last four years. I have met few people who are more focused on making a difference in the lives of others than Logan. He is a leader of leaders!”
Bill Pugh
Bill PughVice President for Advancement, Ohio Christian University
“Logan’s fresh insight, enthusiastic demeanor and his ability to meaningfully connect with his audience make him a one of a kind motivational teacher! I recommend him highly as a speaker of choice to motivate and inspire your targeted audience.”
Dr. Jon S. Kulaga
Dr. Jon S. KulagaPresident, Ohio Christian University
“Logan Stout was a phenomenal speaker for our 11th Annual Leadership Forum. He spoke three times in one day, and was available all day long to meet and talk with our Leadership Forum guests. His content was not only full of wisdom – it was also practical. Our guests could go home and begin to apply his teachings immediately, at both the personal and professional level. We will definitely be asking Logan to return to future Leadership Forums!”
Kim Dydalewicz
Kim DydalewiczPresident, Champions School of Real Estate
“Logan Stout has been a friend of both Champions School of Real Estate and our family for nearly six years, and we cannot say enough about the value that he brings to anyone working with him.  Logan sees his friends as family, and we have found this to be true in every aspect of our business relationship. As a coach for my teenage son’s select baseball team, Logan has proven himself to be a caring, driven individual who pushes his players to succeed the same way he motivates his coaching clients to reach their goals.  As a motivational speaker, Logan is genuine in his mission to mold leaders, which, together with his unstoppable energy and infectious enthusiasm makes him perfect for any group or audience. Case in point? Logan and Barbara Corcoran were keynote speakers at Champions School of Real Estate’s 2017 Keynote event in Austin, Texas, and he received a standing ovation for his introduction of Ms. Corcoran.”